This is a list of the Cemeteries along the North Shore that were left in original location when the Fontana Dam was built in 1944.  They are all above the high water mark.  Four or five can be reach without crossing Fontana Lake but the remainder must be reached by crossing Fontana Lake by barge or boat and then walk from 1/2 mile to 9+ miles.

1.  Bradshaw Cemetery:  On Possum Hollow Branch on Hazel Creek.  Hickory Bottom Branch on Possom Hollow.  On right of the branch, first ridge.  Approximately 1/4 of a mile from Old Possum Hollow Road at Bradshaw House Place.  17 graves.  Last burial: 26 Old Soldier Graves.  Accessible only by boat.
2.  Bone Valley Cemetery: On Hazel Creek at the mouth of Bone Valley Creek.  West on second ridge.  Approximately 1/4 mile from Truck Trail.  Trail leaves first ridge west to cemetery.  79-82 graves.  Last burial:  Jesse H. Hall on August 23. 1943.  Accessible only by boat
3.  Cable Cemetery: Approximately 0.3 miles north of Fontana Lake high water mark.  East of the mouth of Hazel Creek in second Sharp Hollow north on crest of ridge.  155-160 graves.  Last burial in 1944.  Accessible only by boat
4.  Cable Branch Cemetery: On Hazel Creek.  Northeast side of Cable Branch, 0.4 miles from Fontana Lake high water mark.  Approximately 100 years above old roadbed between 3rd and 4th Branch near the 4th Branch on Ridge Crest.
 25-26 Graves.  Last Burial in 1943.  Accessible only by boat.
5.  Calhoun Family Cemetery:  One fourth mile up Proctor Creek, 1/4 mile south west on Piney Ridge. 2 graves.  Accessible only by boat.
6.  Conner Cemetery:  On Hickory Flat Branch, 1/2 mile south from Fontana Lake on the left side of the old road on main branch.  14-16 graves.  Last burial in 1936.
7.  Cook Cemetery:  On watershed of Calhoun Branch.  Approximately 0.4 miles from Fontana high water mark.  On left of old road that leads to Rhine Branch from Calhoun Branch.  Southwest approximately 400 yards on first large ridge crest.  Go west toward Pace Branch.  5 graves.  Last burial in 1933.  Accessible only by boat
8. Fairview Cemetery: 0.3 miles north on Fontana Lake high water mark.  Between Wayside Creek and Posey
9.  Hall Cemetery:  On Bone Valley Creek on Hazel Creek.  Northeast from Kress Place approximately 0.4 miles across first branch.  One hundred yards from branch water in take for Kress Place.  300 yards north from right hand fords branch or Big Flat Branch. 18 graves.  Last burial in 1925, Ruby Della Hall on March 29,  1915. Accessible only by boat.
10. Higdon Cemetery: On Sugar Fork on Hazel Creek.  At junction of Sugar Fork Creek on first ridge.  17 graves.  Last burial unknown  Accessible only by boat. (For Pictures of all Head Stones in Cemetery-go to Sugar Fork page)
11.. Hoyle Cemetery: On Bear Creek on Forney Creek, approximately one mile from Forney Creek up on Bear Creek.  4 Graves.  Last burial unknown.  Accessible only by boat.
12.  McCampbell Gap Cemetery: - 4 graves - Accessible only by boat
13. McClure Cemetery:  up Chambers Creek- head of Welch Branch, left of the road.  One-fifth mile from J. C. Welch’s old house place on the ridge. 8-10 graves.  Last burial in 1935.  Accessible only by boat
14.  Mitchell Cemetery:  On Chesquaw Branch approximately one mile from Fontana Lake high water mark.  One left of bank on ridge crest.  Crest near the low gap.  Approximately 400 yards from branch northwest approximately 0.4 miles from Jim Mitchell old home place.  5 graves. Last burial in 1938.  Accessible only by boat.
15. Nelms Cemetery:  Located near Cook and Fairview Cemetery.  Accessible only by boat.
16. Noland -Lower- Creek Cemetery: Approximately 7 miles north from Fontana Lake, across from old Bob Patterson lace, on left side of old road and main branch.  12-15 graves.
17.  Noland- Upper- Cemetery known as Branton: On the right bank of Noland Creek, on the old Phillip G. Rust property.  28 graves. Last burial is unknown .
18.  Orr Cemetery: Five yards south of old NC 288 and 0.4 miles from NC 28 at Cheoah Lake.  Where 288 joins
Hwy 28.  Highway below Fontana.  11 graves.  Last burial in 1937.
19.  Payne Cemetery:  One hundred yards south of NC 288 and 0.4 miles from highway across Dam at Fontana.  118 graves.  Last burial in 1957.
20.  Pilkey Creek Cemetery: On Pilkington Creek approximately 0.4 miles from Fontana Lake high water mark on left prong of creek across first ford.  300 yards northwest from creek on old road on first large ridge.  41 graves.  Last burial in 1941.  Accessible only by boat.
21.  Posey Cemetery: On Pilkington Creek approximately one mile from Fontana Lake high water mark on left prong of Pilkington Creek, 300 yards northwest from creek on old road bed on crest of second ridge.  200 yards northwest from Andy Posey house on point of Piney Ridge.  5 graves.  Last burial in 1943.  Accessible only by boat.
22.  Proctor Cemetery: On the right bank of Hazel Creek, on the north side of Possum Hollow Road in what was once known a Proctor, NC.  192 graves.  Last known burial is unknown.  Accessible only by boat.
23.  Stiles Cemetery:  On Hickory Flat Branch one mile north of Fontana Lake on left side of old road and main branch.  6 graves.  Last burial in 1942.
24.  Walker Cemetery; Accessible only by boat.
25.  Welch Cemetery: On Kirkland Branch approximately 0.3 miles from Fontana high water mark, 200 yards from old highway 288 on first ridge crest in fork of branch. 14 graves.  Accessible only by boat
26.  Wiggins Cemetery:  On the left bank of Upper Noland Creek.  3 graves. l monument.  Last burial unknown.
27.  Wike Cemetery:  Accessible only by boat.
28.  Woody Cemetery: On Forney Creek approximately one mile up on Gray Wolf Branch from Fontana Lake high water mark.  200 yards northwest from branch on crest of third ridge left of branch.  63 graves.  Last burial in 1913.  Accessible only by boat.

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Located on the north shore of Fontana Lake in Swain County, NC.  Now part of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park

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North Shore Cemeteries

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Kate has been doing DVD's "Voices of Cades Cove" about WNC and Eastern Tennessee. Below is an announcement about one of her Video's that received an award. It features a lot on Hazel Creek and Cades Cove Area. You can purchase one from her site or thru the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

DOUBLE WINNER! Kate Marshall Graphics is proud to announce they have won two international film awards for the latest in their mini-series, "Voices of Cades Cove, Part 8: Shattered Peace" at the 53rd Annual WorldFest Film Festival in 2020! This 2+ hour DVD program is a solid biographical piece featuring Witt, Andrew & Carter Shields, and the LeQuire, Sparks, Tipton, Oliver, Rowan, Caughron, Myers and Cable families (and more), and is presented with a Civil War slant. It takes place on the back part of the Cades Cove Loop Road located in Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. Other storytellers from organizations include T.J. Holland, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians - Lisa Free and Butch McDade, National Park Service, Smokies - John Stewart narrating for National Park Service, Shiloh National Military Park - Peter Pisani, Blount County Historical Association - and live scenes from Resaca Civil War Reenactors, Georgia. © Kate Marshall Graphics, Inc. -